Orlando Florida – Much More Than You Would Ever Expect


If 68 million people visit a region or city it’s time to sit up and take notice. What do these folks know that you don’t? Well, that’s the official number of visitors that enjoyed the hospitality of Orlando Florida last year according to the official tourism site of the city. That’s pretty impressive. But why are these people flocking to Orlando?

Well, let’s deal with what is without a doubt the biggest drawcard to Orlando – Walt Disney World. There is not a child anywhere on the globe who would not give up there tooth fairy money to go and meet Mickey or Minnie or one of the many princesses that parade the streets of Disney World. It draws tourists from simply everywhere.

But Orlando does have lots more to offer.

What about Universal Orlando where some of the biggest blockbusters of film history have been filmed and today allows visitors to get a behind the scenes glimpse of just how those movies were made, as well as enjoy some thrills and spills on rides based on the movies – who wouldn’t be excited?

If you or the kids have any interest in natural history or the world around you then a trip the Seaworld Orlando is a simple must. Not only will you experience some of the unique flora and fauna of the area, but just alongside you can have the amazing experience of visiting Discovery Cove. Here young and old can swim with dolphins or wade with rays. it is truly one of the most magical experiences that any family could enjoy. Plus – get your fins on and explore the reef right on the premises.

If the family, especially the kids want something that gets their pulses racing then Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is the place to go in Orlando. This water park is one of the most exciting in the world. However, the great thing is that it is suitable for the entire family. The very young are catered for at a specific area where they are watched over by qualified staff while those of a more adventurous frame of mind can enjoy captive surfing – fun for young and old.

Visit Orlando. You will not be disappointed. This is a place for families and those in search of excitement. It is a city that will never leave you without memories that will last a lifetime.

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