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Having mold in your household or office is not so uncommon problem but if not treated it can seriously affect your health. Damps or mold are caused by an excessive amount of moisture in the air or on the walls.

Usually, the source of such a huge amount of moisture is either condensation or some leaking issues. Either way, resolving it quickly can prevent further damage which can be even bigger than this one. This is especially true if you have someone in your household who is suffering from asthma or allergies and living in these conditions can only deteriorate their health more.
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ASAP Flooding Pros, we are a top-notch firm with years of experience in mold removal and remediation. Our commitment to our job is what distinguishes us from our competitors in this industry. Our specialists are devoted to service excellence – with fast service response, compassion, and knowledge, they are recognized by clients in Orlando and its surrounding area.


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What is a mold remediation service? – What will you get by choosing us as a mold remediation service?

Mold is present almost everywhere and it can enter your home or office through windows, doors or AC/heating systems. It can be a consequence of a leaking pipe or rising damp in a basement. It is important to get rid of it as soon as possible to prevent further spreading and destructing of your property.

  1.  We start our service with an initial free estimate – we will evaluate the mold space in your property, inspect the mold inside walls and other areas and look for possible sources of mold like crawlspaces or inside basements.
  2. After it, we remove all materials damaged or contained by mold. It is bad for your health to be surrounded by materials that were covered in mold spores. Contaminated materials will be properly discarded while other parts like carpeting or drywall will be cut out or replaced if necessary.
  3. Then we clean and sanitize the affected area in order to prevent a recurrence. Our team uses special equipment and chemicals to deodorize affected areas and even filtrate the air from the potential mold spores.
  4. In the end, we reinstate your household or your office in the previous condition. Sometimes it will mean to paint the walls or lay new carpeting which we will notify you on in advance. Our technicians also provide extra suggestions and some good advice on how to prevent mold to reappear again.

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